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A Guide to Being a Single Millennial

A lovely reminder to those of us, in our 20s that are single…

"My prayer for you who are single and in your twenties is that you learn to enjoy every moment of the life God has given you. I pray that you wouldn’t allow the enemy to rob of you of the joys that are fully yours in Jesus.

It’s OK to long for love and for marriage, but it’s not OK to stop living life because of that longing. You were made for so much more. May your eyes be opened, your heart be strengthened and your vision be ignited as you step into this day that the Lord has made—and enjoy every moment.”


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You’re worthy of the best no matter how many times you’ve been broken down. The true test of strength isn’t in the breaking its in the determination to recover. Not giving up on God means trusting you deserve His love and grace in spite of your mistakes. You’re never out of His reach so stop running.
Sarah jakes